About Us

Advocacy is a Part of the Alliance’s Shared Values…

The American Fraternal Alliance values collaboration with industry, policymakers, and non-profit community service organizations. Whenever possible, the Alliance works with organizations representing the financial services industry, state and federal policymakers, and non-profit community service organizations to achieve common goals.

All Politics Are Local! We Need You and Your Members To Get Involved

Grassroots advocacy requires a strong commitment from your members and chapter leaders. Members of Congress or State Legislators respond best to their local constituents. While the Alliance can do a great job of stressing the important role that fraternals play in providing financial stability for families, we are requesting action from all societies’ individual members.

What is Grassroots Advocacy?

Grassroots advocacy originates among individuals concerned about a specific issue. The goal of effective grassroots advocacy is to interact with elected officials and their staff members in the process of attempting to educate and inform elected officials about a cause.

Why is it Important to Contact Your Member of Congress?

Interaction between any elected official and their constituents is a crucial part of the democratic process. Hearing the needs and concerns of constituents is of the utmost importance to elected officials, as constituents decide if they remain in office. Email is usually the easiest and fastest way to communicate with your elected official, but you can also communicate by sending letters in the mail, or by calling their office.